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August, 2023

GSS At Fintech Week

GSS at Fintech Week London 2023

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GSS at Fintech Week London

Our Programme Director – Client Implementation, Rashmi Prabhakar was at Fintech Week London 2023 yesterday, speaking on a “Talent as an experience: Walk the Talk” panel with Sarah Cox, VP People at Curve, and Katrina Cruz, Head of People and Culture at Weavr.io, moderated by Nadia Edwards-Dashti, Chief Customer Officer at Harrington Starr. They discussed:

  •  The power of a great end to end onboarding process
  • Aligning values and purpose to the culture of your organisation
  •  Importance of hiring for attitude and training for skills
  • Identifying and investing in potential talent
  • Recognition and incentivisation of the right behaviours aligned to values and culture
  • Learning and development
  • Coaching, mentoring, stretch goals
  • Stay interviews to engage and retain people

Rashmi Prabhakar comments:

“I was delighted to join an amazing panel to cover topics close to my heart – people, attitude, potential, culture, values, recognition and retention! I feel very lucky to be part of GSS where everyone lives and breathes our values of Take Ownership, Be Respectful and Be Bold.”

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