Sanctions Screening Solution

About Us

GSS was founded in 2021 to solve cross-industry challenges in financial services where there is material benefit to be gained from:

  • Agreeing common standards
  • Sharing information
  • Delivering solutions via trusted platforms
  • Embracing the best of new technology

Starting with sanctions transactions screening, GSS changes the way financial crime is managed by partnering with leading financial institutions and trusted industry partners to deliver effective and efficient watchlist screening.

As well as promoting excellence in compliance, GSS’ sanctions screening solution significantly removes the friction in the customer experience, whilst reducing the information that needs to be shared on individuals.

The solution will perform state of the art, real time watchlist screening using the most advanced technology solutions for list management, alert generation and disposition.

Working with leading international financial institutions and harnessing a leadership team with over 100 years of direct experience, GSS will redefine how compliance can be delivered effectively and efficiently.