Our purpose and values

Our Purpose and Values

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Our Purpose

Why we are here

GSS was founded in 2021 to solve industry-wide challenges in the financial services sector. 

What we are doing

We bring together people and organisations from around the world to develop and deliver market leading solutions that solve complex industry challenges. Starting with sanctions transactions screening, GSS changes the way financial crime is managed by partnering with leading financial institutions and trusted industry partners to deliver effective and efficient watchlist screening.

The solution will perform state of the art, real time watchlist screening using the most advanced technology solutions for list management, alert generation and disposition.

How we do this

Working with leading international financial institutions and harnessing a leadership team with over 100 years of experience, GSS has re-imagined how we manage the fight against financial crime and redefines how risk compliance is delivered.

Our Values

Take Ownership
Be Respectful
Be Bold

Seizing the moment and being proud of what we do.

How we “Take Ownership”
  • Individually and collectively take responsibility wherever possible.
  • Do what we say we’ll do.
  • Solve problems and find solutions.
  • Prioritise completion over perfection, adopting a “good enough” mindset.
  • Accept and learn from our mistakes.
  • Celebrate the wins, no matter how big or small.

Creating and cultivating a culture where everyone feels safe, included and respected.

How we “Be Respectful”
  • Be honest, transparent and direct in our communication with others. No surprises!
  • Work collaboratively with clients and colleagues alike; we are “one team”.
  • Be “present” in meetings and on calls.
  • Act with genuine intent and in the best interests of the firm, not an individual or team.
  • Actively seek other views and ideas, build a stronger team through difference.
  • Taking our work seriously, but not ourselves.

Our attitude and conviction drive our success; with motivation, we can achieve anything.

How we “Be Bold”
  • Continually challenge ourselves and the norm.
  • Be innovative and ambitious in our approach.
  • Welcome change.
  • Share our opinions.
  • Be unafraid to ask questions or put your hand up.
  • Be curious to learn and try something new.

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