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November, 2023

FinTech's DEI Discussions Podcast

Clare Jones on FinTech’s DEI Discussions Podcast

Clare Jones Discusses Wellbeing and Inclusion on FinTech's DEI Discussions Podcast

Reading time: 1 minutes

In a recent episode of the FinTech’s DEI Discussions podcast, GSS’ Chief People Officer Clare Jones sits down with host Nadia to discuss the company’s people strategy, its focus on wellbeing and mental health, and its commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Clare Jones shares her insights on how GSS is creating a more inclusive and collaborative culture, addressing the challenges of gender representation, and building a diverse talent pipeline. She also highlights some of the company’s ongoing initiatives to build a stronger, more inclusive workplace, including:

  • EAP and holistic wellbeing support
  • Virtual GP and tooth fairy dental app
  • Management awareness training
  • Wellbeing hub: GSS is currently developing a wellbeing hub to bring all their initiatives together.

Clare Jones also stresses the importance of continuous dialogue and collaboration in building a more inclusive workplace. She encourages everyone to share their ideas and feedback, and to work together to create a culture where everyone feels valued and respected.

We are at the start of this journey, and we know that we have a long road ahead. But we are continuing to do the work to create a more equitable and inclusive FinTech industry.

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