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October, 2023

GSS signs Global Business Collaboration pledge

GSS signs GBC Leadership Pledge on World Mental Health Day 2023

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World Mental Health Day is celebrated annually on 10th October to raise awareness of mental health issues and promote wellbeing. This year’s theme is “Mental health is a universal human right”.

GSS is committed to prioritising and supporting employee mental health. We are proud to announce that we recently signed the GBC Leadership Pledge which commits us to taking action to improve mental health in the workplace.

GSS has a holistic approach to wellbeing, encompassing physical, mental, financial and social health. Whilst in the early stages of our journey, GSS is purposefully taking strides to making mental health a sustainable priority in our workplace. Here are some of the ways that GSS empowers employees to prioritise their mental Health:

  • Wellbeing Hub: GSS recently launched a wellbeing hub to make it easy for employees to access resources and support
  • Manager awareness training: GSS provides manager awareness training to help managers support and spot the signs of mental health issues. The training equips managers with the tools and resources they need to have open and supportive conversations with their team members
  • Peer support: GSS encourages employees to look out for each other and offer support to colleagues who may be struggling. A culture of openness and respect makes it easier for employees to ask for helps when they need it

In addition to these specific initiatives, GSS also prioritises mental health by creating a healthy work environment. This includes flexible work arrangements, opportunities for professional development, and a commitment to work-life balance.

Tom Scampion, CEO and Co-Founder of GSS, comments:

At GSS, we believe our people can only thrive if they’re feeling well in themselves and we understand the importance and value in supporting all pillars of wellbeing – mental, physical, financial and social.

We know that building and nurturing a culture of positive wellbeing is not only about providing the relevant resources, tools and benefits but by empowering people to prioritise their wellbeing, to talk openly about their mental health and to seek support where it’s needed. Through nurturing a culture where employees feel empowered and supported, they can truly thrive, both at work and in their personal lives.

We are delighted to sign the GBC Leadership pledge and to join a global community of visionary businesses committed to taking positive action on workplace mental health.

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