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December, 2023

Tom Scampion on RegTech Legends

Tom Scampion on RegTech Legends Podcast

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In a recent episode of RegTech legends, GSS’ Co-founder and CEO Tom Scampion sits down with podcast host Tom Richardson to discuss his career journey, the creation of GSS and its journey so far.  

Tom Scampion shares his insights on how GSS is transforming sanctions screening compliance. He also discusses his career journey from joining the workforce in technology to becoming CEO of GSS.  

During the podcast, Tom Richardson and Tom Scampion discuss the following topics: 

  • Career journey and becoming CEO of GSS 
  • The journey from idea to product design 
  • Creation and principle of GSS 
  • Role of Alix Partners 
  • Industry standards 
  • Consistency of sanctions screening 
  • Discussions with regulators 

Tom Scampion dives into the importance of industry standards and applying these standards consistently.  

How GSS is reinventing sanctions screening at an industry level will benefit all financial institutions as all banks face the same challenges and regulations. 

You can listen to the full Regtech Legends podcast here..  

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